Saturday, 17 August 2013

Packing, it is lacking. Or, I'm a terrible poet.

So, Creepy D found us a house! A real and proper house (well, okay, a holiday/student let, so it's temporary, but it's also a place we can live, and find jobs from, etc!)

I am very quickly realising that I have no idea how to pack stuff for moving house. When I moved out of home I sort of took some stuff that fitted in my ex-boyfriend's car and left the rest, which my mum has been attempting to slowly give me back in small bits over the last 7 years. (Jesus. Seven years.) I am making lists, I'm not sure how much this is helping, and how much I'm actually just procrastinating. So, T-13 days and our house still looks like a normal house that you would live in, minus some pictures and stuff off shelves. Or, actually, the shelves are just slightly less jumbled than they were before.

Also, I got distracted playing an old game that I found when checking through DVD cases. Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions. Great fun! Also not helping with packing.

Thank you Professor Tim. Yes, I do win at packing. Obviously. I am the packing boss.

I feel like I should be running around like a headless chicken. Please remind me of this when I am actually headless chicken-ing in about twelve days' time.