Thursday, 4 May 2017


This becomes a theme, when you have ADHD.

As well as being long overdue to update (whistle stop tour: still haven't passed driving, marriage seems... Better? Pretty good but I hope I'm not missing anything, managed to seriously injure finger, also still not pregnant)

My library fines prevent me from using the service.

This morning I'm sitting in my living room missing the tram I need, again - yesterday, I fell asleep and missed every plan I had - today I'll be a few minutes late, no worse.

The plaque on my teeth is building up again because I am not regularly flossing.

It's been over a year and I'm not pregnant.

I keep pushing back my plans to send email to people listing houses - email! This would take zero effort - because I'm too tired.

It's 8.02 and I am only half dressed.

When I shower, sometimes I'm too dirty to get fully clean with one soaping.

The taxes are due.

I haven't chased up whether a friend's borrowed item was returned.

My son's dentist appointment today is the first in 2 years.

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