Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast - Or The Impossible List.

I recently came across the idea of the Impossible List. I like the idea and I want to expand on it a bit here, what I believe it to be about. I linked to College Info Geek's post about it because I like his video, but he has a link to the official page too.

I think it's about writing down ALL of your goals, from those which are easy to those which seem impossible. It's about seeing how your perspective shifts. It's adaptable, which I love. I like the way goals can be broken down into smaller, manageable steps and when they're achieved, they can be expanded to add newer, bigger ones. It's almost a gamification of life, which is quite nice.

Anyway, here's mine.

My Impossible List

Professional Goals

  • Go to and graduate from university 
  • Run a How To Talk workshop online
    • Pick small, private audience (July 2017)
    • Look through the book to establish topics
    • Start discussion thread (abandoned 2017)
    • Finish chapter 1
    • Evaluate helpfulness
  • Run a How To Talk workshop in person
  • Have 20 posts on my parenting blog
  • Teach a parenting course
  • Publish a book
  • Attend an ELT workshop or conference
  • Do a TYLEC
  • Do a DELTA
  • Get one week ahead in lesson planning
  • Have all my folders organised with sections
  • Have a collection of tried and tested lessons which work well
  • Get my transcription ratio down to 1:3

Skills Goals

  • Get my driving licence
    • Take driving lessons (Summer 2016)
    • Try a new driving school
  • Become fluent in German
    • I can communicate and hold basic, stilted conversation (2017)
    • Complete Duolingo tree
    • Complete online German course
    • Take a German course in person
  • Become fluent in a third language
    • Maybe Afrikaans or Dutch
  • Learn to read another script
  • Learn to swim underwater

Financial Goals

  • Make at least €1000 a month
    • €520ish (Jan 2017)
  • Finish paying off driving lessons
  • Get a month ahead in budgeting
  • Save €5000

Family Goals

  • Raise a family pet
  • Train a dog using positive methods
  • Have my husband adopt my son
    • Contact a solicitor
  • Complete a Love Languages for Kids challenge
  • Have two children close together
  • Read all the Harry Potter books with my son
    • Philosopher's Stone
    • Chamber of Secrets
  • Teach son to swim
  • Hold a family Achievement Goal Weekend

Creative Goals

  • Display my own photography
  • Play guitar at a party with friends
  • Be able to play 5 songs from memory
  • Learn to fingerpick
  • Learn how to play Spanish guitar
  • Make more than 10 blog posts in 2017
    • I made 8!
  • Make more than 15 blog posts in 2018

Lifestyle Goals

  • Complete The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up
  • Develop my wardrobe/sense of style
  • Have a harmoniously decorated home
  • Live somewhere with outdoor space
    • Coming February 2018!
  • Live in a house
  • Own a house
  • Overcome fear of injections
  • Get my ears pierced
  • Donate blood
  • Travel to a country which requires extra vaccinations
  • Get to a point where I feel my ADHD is manageable
  • Help reduce male violence/domestic violence
  • Help reduce financial inequality
  • Visit America
  • See the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • Meet J. K. Rowling

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